Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Show Announcement - Cut Copy

yo yo yo. bowery south is bringing cut/copy to the ATL on june 10th. you can now buy tickets at this link. they'll be breaking down their sick beats at variety playhouse. no doubt that those who choose to stand in front of the stage are going to get the best deal here, since it's practically impossible to contain the dancing bound to happen from these brits and their musical genius.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Claire London - Hit the Switch

when you take a lady with an amazing and haunting vocal presence and join her with eerie electronic music, you make me happy. that's what claire london has managed to do for me with "hit the switch." i like this chick. thanks to the brilliance of soundcloud, i get to explore further when i'm so inclined. so, i do, and i did with her. she's got a really versatile catalog that showcases her awesome vocal abilities. i am definitely interested in her upcoming EP. check it out.

Problems Releases New Single "Terraces"

if EDM and new wave got married and had an illegitimate child, it would be this song, "terraces" by an australian guy who calls himself problems. it's realll sexy. i liked it so much, i listened to another track from the EP for the ages called "capture me" and instead of being immobile like my current state, this song is taking me on a mental vacation to a sensual lounge with a fancy low-lit bar, where a blast of wind is blowing my hair and boys are buying me drinks while really hot models dance slowly around me. anyway, i approve of this musical creation of ecstasy and will be adding it to my sexy times playlist. australians always gotta be doing that to me, i swear.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Diamond Mind EP Fake Tape

got a submission from canada, who, contrary to popular belief, exports more good music than bad. we can add diamond mind to the good - thank god, eh? calling themselves a chamber-pop group, diamond mind has a nice, ethereal sound to them that reminds me of coffee shops and sunshine. and probably the 60s, except i wasn't alive then, so i just have to imagine what it might be like. you can listen to the single "better alone" posted below. i'd also checkout "dragon egg" on that stream. i really enjoyed it.

Bootstraps Whitney Houston Cover - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

a sure way to grab my attention is to tell me that someone has taken one of my favorite pop songs from the preteen years of my life, and covered it acoustically. i will bite EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. typically, i hate covers because some rapper has taken it and turned it into an over-auto-tuned steaming pile of musical poo. but this, this right here, folks, i can appreciate.

bootstraps  has released a hot little cover of "i wanna dance with somebody" (which, by the way, i practice heavily on my home karaoke machine because i love it so much...) in a very sad, sullen manner a la every storyline of grey's anatomy ever. you may have heard it on last week's episode, or, you can listen to it below. it's like whitney has come back and haunted me via bootstraps' eerie guitar/piano version of her upbeat & happy rendition.

bootstraps will be present on may 16th at vinyl. tickets are cheap and can found here.

MAX - Streets of Gold

i'm not one to discriminate against pop. well, i'm not anymore, at least. not since i developed a hard crush on bruno mars and his michael jackson reincarnate self. so, i will share this little bit of poppy man love from MAX (max schneider). maybe one day he'll win a slashy award for his abilities in acting slash singing! while he just dropped this "streets of gold" song (posted below), i decided to listen to some of his other stuff while i checked it out. i have a feeling this guy is going to be hashtagged by seventeen year olds across the states in no time. he's cute, and he can sing a tune you can dance to (specifically "mug shot"), or woo over. so, if you're into that, or need something to make you feel young, go on and hit that MAX soundcloud.

he's playing terminal west on june 15th, bee tee dubs. tickets are on sale for that show this friday, april 11.


Sleeper Agent - Waves Acoustic Video

while it's fun to watch people stand around and sing, i found the most endearing part of this acoustic video to be the adorable dogs and kitteh shown in the beginning. it looks like those guys help sleeper agent get their gear together to perform. it's cute. watch "waves" here. i was going to post it, but that shit is way too big to put on this tiny template of mine. sorry.

looks like they're playing the warped tour at lakewood amphitheatre on july 24th. i would go, but i would probably look like a cougar next to all the barely legals getting their punk on.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Review: Rhett Miller - Eddie's Attic - 4/3/14

not like i make a big secret of my love for the old 97s and their whiskey-slinging, road-touring, lovin' and leavin' songs, so it should come as no surprise that i'm still reeling from the amazing performance front man rhett miller gave at eddie's attic last night. eddie's boasts such an intimate setting that mr. miller was able to take advantage of playing to a group of his biggest fans in the ATL in a small space devoid of screaming drunks, allowing for song requests and crowd connection that isn't typically found in larger venues. even with a small stage to work with, rhett was able to display his expert guitar skills and signature windmill action, in addition to that i'm-makin'-love-to-my-guitar hip sway that all the ladies swoon over, and all the mens envy.

in between the hilariously delivered storytelling, rhett played many old 97s favorites like barrier reef, salome, niteclub, doreen, victoria, big brown eyes, timebomb, four leaf clover, indefinitely, question, and you belong to my heart. yet, he was still able to play some solo numbers. he also played a good bit of the new new, which i was real excited to hear since the album hasn't dropped yet. his encore included the first single off the album most messed up, "longer than you've been alive." free download at the link there, homey.

honestly, i was more than pleased with everything i heard. old school fans are going to love the new stuff. there's a whole lot of mention of whiskey and gettin' it on and being messed up. the most messed up, in fact. believe it when i say you'll find my ass parked front and center when the 97s come back to atlanta may 29th at terminal west. except this time, i'm not wearing heels.

here is some evidence of what a great guy mr. miller is. he stayed and chatted with fans, took pictures, and signed swag even after performing for an hour plus and guzzling back a couple neat jamesons. see?

Thursday, April 03, 2014

CYHSY- On Sale Friday

if you're inclined to grab clap your hands say yeah at the masquerade on june 7th, you might wanna make sure you have this link to secure your tickets when they go on sale this friday, april 4th, at 10am.

you can listen to their single, "coming down", by clicking play below.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Steel Panther Releases "All You Can Eat"

well, i'll be damned, i've just gotten the best news ever. my favorite cock rockers, steel panther, have gone and blown their lyrical load all over the place with this new album, "all you can eat." i've come to this conclusion after streaming "party like tomorrow is the end of the world," and from the opening line commanding listeners to have sex with every female of the species you see, all the way to the suggestion of making some cougar porn - it's pure gold. i'm really drawn to the rawness of the riffs coming from "gangbang at the old folks home", too.

these guys not only put on a fan-freaking-tastic live show, they also make my stomach curl into fits of laughter with their overly crass originals. i've added "ride the steel panther tour bus" to my bucket list.

you can get a taste of the panther here.

no tour date listed for atlanta, but cross your fingers that one pops up like the bulge in starr's skin-tight leather pants. yeah, i went there.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

BOROKO - Virtue & Vice

for anyone who craves a nostalgic, yet, updated sound from their beloved new wave era, i give you boroko, led by tim fontaine's vocals. this guy's making me think that his fellow australian, michael hutchence, and dave gahan impossibly had a baby and crowned him the second coming of new wave, with a surprise jazzy twist.

if you're interested in that, you can see this beautiful live recording in the video below, or you can stream their album on soundcloud.

S. Carey - Crown the Pines

s. carey (of bon iver) might have just stolen my heart away from damien rice. big statement, folks. today is release day in the land of all things musical, so i feel like i should tell you about this album, "range of light." the tracks i've heard boast peaceful tunes, full of melancholic piano and lyrics that tug at the heartstrings. i'm a fan. i'm especially of fan of the song in the video here. holy schmack. it's going to haunt me all day.

s. carey will be at eddie's attic on april 11th. get your tickets for this one.

iLL BLU - Blu Magic

someone sent me this press release to let me know that some people called iLL BLU were dropping a single called "blu magic" on may 5th. okay. so, i listen to it.

i imagine if i revisited the super swanky resort in mexico that i patronized a few weeks ago, this would be playing. i also imagine that if i were to grab a drink at any of the hundreds of W hotels in the world, this song would be playing. is there a genre for that? the "contemporary swank hotel soundtrack" genre maybe? anyway, if you're into that kind of thing, visit them on soundcloud.

Grace & Tony - The Greenroom Sessions

the quality of this video is pretty crappy. the sound is all over the place. i realize the rawness is the point of this whole thing, but really, i hate that.

however, i really love this interesting collaboration and the music the duo grace & tony are making with cellist malcolm parson. they're planning to post these backstage impromptu musical collabs twice a month.i am really diggin' on the marriage of orchestral strings with the banjo. it's a sophisticated folk sound that i'm sure i'd never tire from.

if you want to keep up with these sessions (and, if you appreciate real musicians, you'll want to), you can find them on the boot. if you want to see them in person, it looks like may 18th is your chance at the red clay theatre in duluth. you could make a day of it! hit the jeju spa, then head over for some punkgrass tunes. what a great idea.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Marching Band - "Die In My Arms" Single

i like stuff from europe. this tidbit of sunshine pop, "die in my arms," that found its way to my inbox comes from the land of sweden. it's a thoughtful and well-played out track featuring unassuming guitar riffs and vocals that sound like springtime. marching band has just released a full length album that you can catch on soundcloud, if you're so inclined.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Free $20 For an UBER Cool Ride

it's the weekend, y'all! time for dranks and frands and music and having a good time. the lovely folks over at UBER know you're going to have too good of a time to be driving yourself around town, if ya know what i mean, so they sent me this code for new users. you could even cheat and use a different email address for a new account if you have already discovered the i'm-so-rich-and-classy-i-ride-in-like-a-celebrity feeling before. i won't tell anyone.

so, go ahead. have that shot of tequila when you're out and about. feel no guilt!

put that app on your smartphone, and sign up at UBER for $20 off a ride - good until may 31, 2014, but only if you sign on the dotted line this weekend. it sounds like you can use it anywhere in the good ol U S of A.

don't say i never gave you anything.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

KONGOS Supply the iTunes Single of the Week

i'm not sure what this genre of music is, but interesting is a good way to describe it.

KONGOS is the band, and the song they're pushing is "i'm only joking," which is pretty fantastic in that it sounds like a modern, updated, synthesized, bongo-driven version of Joe Dolce's "Shaddap You Face." some of you probably aren't old enough to remember that song...

anyway, hop over to itunes for a free download of the song from the below video. the video version is not clean; the download supposedly is, though.

Upcoming ATL Live Music

of course, there's always a ton going on, but a few look like they'd interest me further. thanks to the bowery south for bringing some worthy shizz to our fine city.

>april 10: ben kweller at the EARL. if you're into that folksy, young, and charming boy thing, then this is the show for you. dudes, you could probably pick up a chick pretty easily at this show. get tickets here.

>april 14th: the sounds at terminal west. good god, i love the sounds so freakin' much. they make an appearance on every single playlist i have that throws me into a fit of dancing. while they got the beat, they also have a real snarky attitude, which i can get with. plus, blondefire is opening, and that makes this show a total deal. tickets here.

>april 30th: christina perri at buckhead theatre. i would love to attend, but better than ezra trumps this show in my personal book. this is a total girly show - especially since she's gained her fame from launching that song "a thousand years" for twilight breaking dawn. but i gotta give this perri lady some major props for her impressive ink. tickets here.

>may 12th: chromeo at variety playhouse. chromeo, chromeo, where for art thou, chromeo? i'll tell ya where - they're tucked into my back pocket forcing me to funk it up. i've been listening to them for years, ever since i discovered the "needy girl" video. they've had their ups and downs, but i suspect their impending rise to the top is now solidified with their new single, "jealous." get yer tickets here, yo.

>may 18th: we are scientists at the EARL. saw these guys way back when. i haven't kept up with them, but anytime i hear a riff from an older track of theirs, i swear to myself to google them and see what they're up to. looks like they're still alive and touring. tickets here.

The Griswolds - "Mississippi" Magic Man Remix

watch the symbolism and writhe in the irony of the griswolds' visual rendition of "mississippi." i think this is supposed to be an artsy fartsy video that represents more than what it is. if so, i totally get it.

The Henry Millers - "Posies"

brooklyn-based the henry millers have released a new single from their upcoming album of the same name, "posies." i like the music, but i'm confused by the overly juvenile lyrics that mimic that stupid ring around the rosy song from your childhood (how depressing...pretty sure that song is about the plague). it's pretty catchy, though, i must say. my ears are keen on the light-hearted nature of the actual music - to the point that i forget that i don't care for the lyrical content of it. i decided to check out some more of their soundcloud while i was there, and i've decided to add the henry millers to the list of things i like. maybe these guys will make their way to the ATL and i can hear them in person.