Monday, August 17, 2015

Mixtape - 8.17.15

it's monday, and i'm already jonesin' for friday to come along. i think part of it is being fueled by today's trip through spotify land.

>"tomboy" by yellerkin: i saw this band at sxsw this year, and was pretty happy about it. it's rare to find something worth listening to in an oversaturated environment, so my excitement for yellerkin is at an all-time high. no one knows who they are right now - get on it so you can look like you're more privy than the next indie snob.

>"against it" by waitress: these kids make me want to visit copenhagen and hit up a dance club i'm probably too old to patronize.

>"plastic utopia" by japan soul: japan soul admittedly wants to achieve smacking down some euphoria on you through music. i can see that.

>"leave a trace" by chvrches: i don't care if they're all mainstream now. i still like them. there's a reason they're mainstream. let's not scoff because satellite radio recognizes the power of ethereal vocals, yeah? you have another 5-6 weeks before this whole album comes out.

>"girls your age - twin shadow remix": by transviolet: ohmygodyes. yes. YAS. this song has sex written all over it.

>"instigators" by grace potter: grace potter's half bluesy, half poppy vocals have always intrigued me. last week, she/they let us all in on the newest release, midnight. this is from that.

>"i can't hear you" by elsa cross: eventually, i will fulfill the one task i've been itching to take care of for the past ten months. i will see elsa cross, preferably at the white horse. on a weekend. this austin chick has become my newest obsession. her alt-country twang tugs at my heartstrings in an uncanny way. go listen to her.

>"i wanna take you home" by nada surf: this song is adorable. i forgot about nada surf since i discovered they were way better than that song "popular" that they're...popular...for. what? it's too easy.

anyway. i like these things. you can listen to them here if you got that spotify set up.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mixtape Wednesday - 4.29.2015

Well, I watched all of the Netflix imaginable, and wore out Hulu, so my rediscovery of Spotify has reared its lovely head, prompting me to once again become obsessed with the making of playlists. I guess there is a bright side to summer television show hiatus happenings, after all.

I dug through some new releases from the past couple weeks...and months, and I came up with something I consider pretty solid.

 -"Talk to Me" by Kopecky: Not gonna lie. If you happen to roll up next me in traffic after work, and I'm listening to this, you're gonna witness some amazing car dancing moves. I might be throwing some air claps, too.

-"Feels Like a Lie" by Joywave: Joywave brings me the new new wave feels I find keeps popping up with all this influx of electronic throwback sound. The only thing I'm missing to really get something from this song is a set of glowsticks and some black lights.

-"Calling Out" by Monakr: I like how this song sounds like the Lion King went to the skating rink and lapped the track to some sweet R&B.

 -"Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots: yeah, dudes, you don't gotta tell me about being stressed out. The older I get, the more this anthem to growing responsibilities and adulthood stabs me in the tired face. I hate to tell these guys that it's not all about makin' money, though.

-"Blood Stutter" by Handsome Ghost: Aw, some ethereal boy/girl duo sound to start bringin' down the heart rate. I'll take it.

-"Fireproof" by The National: I have always loved the obvious versatility of The National. I particularly love this track from Trouble Will Find Me because it's just folky enough to not be...folky? Pretty sure I've been accused of being this same way - nice to hear the other side of it.

-"Crooked Smile" by the Weepies: Yes, please, and, thank you. The Weepies just dropped SIRENS this week, and I could not be happier about it. I get murdered with emotion anytime some fancy ass strings are shooting at me.

-"Running With the Wolves" by AURORA: it's like CHVRCHES, yo. Tell me it's not, and we can argue about it. Maybe that's what drew me to this? Prolly. But also, Sia. I'll take two servings.

-"Slip" by Elliot Moss: Oooo, damn! This song is sexy times. All I can hear is a pair of bedroom eyes and some barefeet slinking across the floor. Meeee-yow.

-"I of the Storm" by Of Monsters and Men: You'll have to wait 'til June 9th for the whole album, but here's a lil taste of it. Is it just me, or this very much like Florence and the Machine?

Whew. Okay. I was really itching to put that all down on virtual paper. So, there it is. And, as usual, the playlist on Spotify if you want it.

Monday, October 06, 2014

gerard way - "millions" video premiere

because it is now october, and because the worst witch is probably one of my favorite movies ever, i'm sharing this video of my chemical romance frontman, gerard way, debuting his solo stuff with "millions." the similarities in this video and tim curry's grand wizard performance are strikingly eerie. see for yourself.

the 80s in prime fashion, folks.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Capricorn Initiative

Having worked in the old Capricorn Records building in Atlanta in my early 20's (although by then I think it had already changed to Velocette), I have a soft spot for their music legacy so this is very interesting to me.  If you have ever made the trip to Macon, Georgia, it's pretty rich with music history. They just announced this restoration and upgrade for the old Capricorn Studio in Macon:

Music is what put Macon on the international map, and the artists of Capricorn Records, most notably the Allman Brothers Band, helped to brand music with Macon. In 2010, the Georgia National Trust named the former Capricorn Studios on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard one of ten Georgia places in peril due to the rich musical history the building represents. The Peyton Anderson Foundation and NewTown Macon partnered to purchase and stabilize the building, with the goal of restoring the studio and creating a recording studio, music-themed restaurant, museum, and gift shop. The revitalized building will also create upper story loft apartments and an outdoor amphitheater.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Song Spells, No. 1: Cedarsmoke

Ermahgerd! I love the new Sea Wolf solo acoustic album Song Spells, No. 1: Cedarsmoke.  The best part?  You can download it from their website right now and pay what you want.  Check out the tracks "Ram's Head" and "Visions". They're two of my faves. Oh, and don't be a cheap bastard . . . I got my fangirl on and Kickstartered this puppy, but if you didn't, Alex Brown Church writes songs so good they deserve a little somethin' somethin'.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Justin Townes Earle's Fifth Album

Justin Townes Earle just announced the September 9th release date of his fifth studio album and first for new label Vagrant RecordsSingle Mothers is comprised of ten tracks that reflect Earle's new-found sobriety and recent marriage.  I'm personally excited for this album, and hope that it's different in a good way. You can pre-order the digital, CD, or vinyl of Single Mothers now. He's headed out on the road in September and early October to support the album. Check out this handful of recently-announced dates.

Monday, July 14, 2014

20,000 Days on Earth

Nick Cave's new movie, 20,000 Days on Earth, just released an official trailer via The Guardian.  The film, which won directing awards at Sundance, comes out September 19th in the US.  The directors' unique perspective makes this "day in the life" of the famous frontman look almost like a polished drama . . . but it's not. I'm personally excited to see it.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are currently on tour in North America. I'll be checking them out at ACL's Moody Theater this Saturday, which is totally sold out, but the dates not marked in white on the band's site still have tickets available.

Friday, July 11, 2014

mixtape friday - july 11th

the last mixtape i'll do from atlanta. aw, it's bittersweet. i'm packing my things and moving to austin, tx next week. after all these years, claire and i will be geographically reunited (and it feels so gooood). wish me luck!

i figured i would get a little nostalgic with this playlist; ya know, a collection of the songs that remind me of atlanta, tracks from my favorite local bands...that kind of thing. so i dedicate this week's list to my hometown, and all of the peeps who've given me stories to tell. i love it, but i gotta hang up my peaches for longhorns. sorry for the myspace links...some of these bandz are defunct (or, de-funked?).

"12th street" by the judies - before warren had to go to jail, he was heading up one of my favorite local acts. god knows i wrote about them enough. i also have fond memories of the crazy, scrawny kid who wore ladies' shirts on stage, and how he could probably charm me out of my pants if i were a little dumber than i was.

"marie" by boulevard - a local radio dj dragged me to smith's one night to see this band he loved. he told me we couldn't hang out if i didn't abide. i'm glad i refrained from being snarky (especially because this guy provided hours of entertainment for claire and i), because vice & daring was very easily one of my most favorite albums. and, i still listen to it.

"precious" by depeche mode - the only time i drove out to gwinnett, it was to see the legendary kings of new wave with someone very special.

"on the sly" by metric - thanks to fat asian baby, i was afforded the luxury of meeting a great bunch of folks with amazing musical taste. they were inspiring. a very proper dude mixed me a CD that had some metric on it, and it changed my life!

"say anything (else)" by cartel - i know, i know. how could i have been so attached to all the pop punk hype behind these guys, and all others in that genre? you're only as young as your taste, right? then i'm perpetually 17.

"fracture" by rantings of eva - can't shout out to my favorite local bands without mentioning this one, especially given my honorary roadie status. (my exponential crush on that irish kid in the band aside.)

"i summon you" by spoon - considering how many times i listened to this while walking to brunch, or a show, or the video store...i'll always be reminded of the two weeks between fall and winter where the weather is actually supafly.

"since k got over me" by the clientele - i'd have at least fifty bucks if someone paid me a dollar for every sunday morning i spent in my shitty apartment on the plush purple couch with a cup of coffee and strange geometry. bliss!

"gigantic" by the pixies - i can't hear this classic without thinking of a bike messenger, and a shit ton of people practically falling over each other to get closer to the pixies at the last music midtown that wasn't full of polo-wearing frat kids.

"atliens" by outkast - it was tradition to throw the radio to this song when riding dirty into atlanta from my alma mater in south georgia. the trick was to synch passing the old national highway exit right as the lyrics began.

"mother" by danzig - as many times as i watched my heart sing this at metalsome, i can't leave it off. it also doubles as a reminder of the cry tough metal bash claire and i threw back in 2007.

hell, i might as well throw "zombie" by the cranberries in there, too - as it was the theme to the inception of the zombie pub crawl that had me shuffling down north highland making grawr noises at young children in an effort to make them shit their pants. also, i will treasure all the times i spent on the set of the walking dead as a walker. i met some really cool zombie enthusiasts from that.

yes, that's me. 

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

a new video and tour dates from phox

Just 2 weeks into their national tour, the Wisconsin sextet announced their 2nd single and accompanying video for "Kingfisher."  I'm loving the banjo and Monica Martin's dreamy voice. You may have seen Phox on tour last year with Blitzen Trapper or at SXSW. . . but if you aren't familiar with the band, they dropped a self-titled album last month and it's chocked full of folksy awesomeness.

If you like what you hear, you still have plenty of chances to catch them live over the next two months:

Tue Jul 08 - Salt Lake City UT - The State Room
Wed Jul 09 - Denver CO - Hi Dive
Fri Jul 11 - St. Louis MO - Duck Room at Blueberry Hill
Sat Jul 12 - Champaign IL - Mariposa Music Fest
Sun Jul 13 - Nashville TN - The High Watt
Tue Jul 15 - Birmingham AL - The Bottletree
Wed Jul 16 - Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl
Thu Jul 17 - Asheville NC - Grey Eagle
Fri Jul 18 - Chapel Hill NC - Local 506
Sat Jul 19 - Washington DC - The Hamilton
Mon Jul 21 - Philadelphia PA - Boot & Saddle
Tue Jul 22 - Brooklyn NY - Knitting Factory
Wed Jul 23 - New York NY - Mercury Lounge - SOLD OUT
Fri Jul 25 - Newport RI - Newport Folk Festival
Sat Jul 26 - North Bennington VT - The Vermont Arts Exchange
Mon Jul 28 - Montreal QC - Casa Del Popolo
Tue Jul 29 - Toronto ON - The Drake
Thu Jul 31 - Cleveland Heights OH - Grog Shop
Fri Aug 01 - Detroit MI - Magic Stick Lounge
Sun Aug 03 - Green Bay WI - Meyer Theatre w/ San Fermin
Mon Aug 04 - Minneapolis MN - 7th St. Entry
Wed Aug 06 - Milwaukee WI - Turner Hall
Thu Aug 07 - Madison WI - High Noon Saloon - SOLD OUT
Fri Aug 08 - Madison WI - High Noon Saloon - SOLD OUT
Sat Aug 09 - Chicago IL - Lincoln Hall

Pick up tickets via the band's website.

new music tuesday - july 8th

summertime tune times, y'all. there is a good bit of solid musical fro-yo to cool your heels during this humid, sticky summer shizz. shall we?

death from above 1979 comes back with a new single from an album they say they're making even though they don't want to. yup. the physical world is set to release on 9.9.14. regardless, you'll get the borderline hard rock sound you're used to from them from "trainwreck 1979." gimme some more of that, boys. please and thank you.

sia finally drops 1000 forms of fear. if you're one of the obsessed, like myself, you've already preordered and played out three of the tracks. so far, this album seems entirely too depressing. not too much for me to avoid it, though.

jenny lewis is back. thank the folk gods, for reals. you can check out the title track for her july 29th release, the voyager, since it came out today. i wish jenny were one of my besties so she could give me private concerts.

alt+j throws another teaser out there with "left hand free." i might have to go against my rule of no festivals with this one (well, not just him, there are plenty others), and introduce myself as an austin resident properly at fun fun fun fest.

french style furs gives us is exotic bait today. you can stream the whole album here on soundcloud. these guys are like a swirl of something like simple minds annnnnd....modest mouse? i could be totally off-base there, but that's what my ear/brain formula is telling me.

magic man's beyond the waves is out, too. yay! this is some boston stuff i can get with. way better than lobster, i tell ya. lobsters don't make me wanna dance. magic man does.

braid slaps no coast down on the new release table if you're looking for some vintage material.

judas priest isn't dead. they're kicking redeemer of souls for your heavy metal head-banging pleasure.

and, lastly, because i like a little bit of humor each and every day, richard marx has a new album out called beautiful goodbye. yes, he does. my curiosity will be the death of me someday. i listened to some of it. i urge you to listen to the title track. it is, by my account, dirty. richard marx has tapped into his naughty side, guys! i just...i...ugh. here, just listen to it.

Friday, July 04, 2014

mixtape friday - july 4th

happy birthday, 'merica! i think i'll celebrate by sitting in my backyard by the fire pit with copious amounts of wine and my most favorite playlist. it feels good to be free.

here are some tracks i starred this week as super listens, or new listens that i wanted to share. be safe out there. call uber or lyft if ya get too drunky pants. and, don't light those fireworks while they're pointed at yer face, yo.

"ritual union" by little dragon - an older track of theirs, but i'm still kind of on a tiny high from watching them perform it last month, so i thought i'd share it, in case you're not privy, yet.

"all about that bass" by meghan trainor - stumbled across this, and have to say, when a chick can get onboard with the booty, i'm all over it. she's "bringin' booty back." hell, yeah, gurl! yours truly has been trying to do that for a while. booty power!

"mother & father" by broods

"big girls cry" by sia - i know, super downer. but damnit, when sia sings, she touches a little part of my soul i didn't know existed until i knew her. shout out to ally for that, btw. we'll pick up the pace for the rest of the list...

"stupid me" by magic! - pop punk and new wave made a baby. it was magic!

"flesh war" by total control - i'll never tire of the new-new wave. never. so, don't even try to make me. i'll eat up bands like total control with a spork any day of the week.

"do you" by spoon - it's the next release from the impending release, they want my soul.

"iced out" by concord america - if you're looking for some sunday funday action, get over to 97 estoria on july 13th to witness these guys play from their new album. they're this week's local flava for your listening pleasure. i gotta say, that dirty guitar ish is real tasty. kind of makes me wanna lick the strings from where it came from.